What actions to take to improve my cybersecurity?

ISARS audit allows you to identify the weaknesses of your information system, to analyze the risks and to track the corrections.

To facilitate your work, ISARS Audit suggests one or several recommendations implementing to correct identified cyber security weaknesses identifiées;



What are the cyber security risks on my IT?

With ISARS Audit, you have dashboards allowing to follow the level of cyber risk in your organization.

You focus your actions on strengthening the cybersecurity system and adapt your resources and actions according to the identified risks.

6 reasons to use ISARS Audit


Simplified centralized administration

thanks to the ISARS console

The centralized console allows you to easily and quickly deploy the solution, plan data collection, analyze reports and manage your cyber risks.


A strengthened control device

thanks to regular monitoring

Conducting permanent and periodic cybersecurity checks might become a heavy and complex task. ISARS Audit automates controls and helps you in your day-to-day compliance obligations.


Saving time and considerable comfort

through automation

ISARS Audit allows you to plan the collection of information on all your Windows machines in a transparent way. You have relevant reports and up-to-date with the desired frequencies.


An identification of the weaknesses made possible

thanks to a relevant and accessible information

The multiplicity of your servers and workstations makes difficult the fast identification security weaknesses. Thanks to ISARS Audit, you can easily identify relevant information.


A mastered cyber risk

thanks to a pragmatic approach

Whatever is your position in the organization, ISARS audit allows you to have a global vision of cybersecurity risk and the corrective actions you take on your systems.


A global and centralized vision

thanks to dashboards

ISARS Audit facilitates your security reporting. Dashboards are automatically updated. You perform an evolutionary follow-up of your global or BY domain cyber security risk level.


ISARS Audit helps you strengthen your cybersecurity and manage your cyber risk.

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